“etloN bv advises, engineers and assembles the self-storage boxes.”

Self-storage is a concept that originated from the United States and England. There is an increasing demand for outdoor storage space, giving rise to the construction of buildings with self-storage units.

We, at etloN, have a great deal of experience in giving advice about self-storage structures and in developing and assembling them. Our recommendations about a self-storage structure is very important because the layout and the mixture of the various box sizes is essential to obtain the highest possible rental yield per square meter. You will always receive a plan of the self-storage site. That plan shows the layout of the boxes, corridors and staircases, if any, and one or more lifts, according to your specific requirements. You decide on the colour of the boxes. You could use the colours forming part of your corporate identity or you could choose for a specific colour for a specific route or whatever else you consider important.

We, at etloN, use a great variety of different types of doors, such as doors with a smooth surface or with a ribbed surface and we use rolling doors with various width measurements. The striking plates are within the door, which means a minimum risk of damage. The doors can be locked with a cylinder lock or a padlock (these locks can also be supplied by us). For additional sturdiness, all the doors are equipped with robust hinges.

To fit the self-storage site with all modern conveniences, we also provide for lighting (Soffit ED), access control and emergency lighting.

Our Soffit LED panels are constructed from full gloss white or black coated cladding, which results in an optimum light reflection in the aisle. The Soffit LED system is a convenient and cost efficient method for an appropriate lighting scheme. Cables and wiring can be concealed and movement sensors, cameras and fire detectors can easily be mounted.

You can also finish off the self-storage structure with a floor coating. The floor will then have a beautiful finish and will be easy to clean.

If the self-storage area is high enough, a mezzanine floor could be constructed as a result of which the square meters of storage space is doubled.

For any additional information, advice or an offer without any obligation, you may contact us by phone: +31 (0) 226 745100 or by email: or complete this form.

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    A solid mezzanine floor completes our new business premises. Expert workmanship.

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