Mezzanine floors

“The mezzanine floors manufactured by etloN B.V. is a flexible system that bears the CE mark indicating that these floors meet the exacting EU standards (NEN EN-1090).”

A mezzanine floor is a self-supporting construction that can easily double your available space without requiring any refurbishments or a new-build.

A mezzanine floor can also be used to increase, for example, your storage space, work space, office space, showroom, self-storage etc.

The mezzanine floors manufactured by etloN B.V. is a flexible system that bears the CE mark indicating that these floors meet the exacting EU standards (NEN EN-1090). The mezzanine floor can be easily assembled, enlarged or disassembled.

The mezzanine floor is always made to measure and in accordance with your specifications and colour wishes. Our production system makes it possible to create all kinds of mezzanine floors spanning small to large areas or floors that are capable of bearing standard to very heavy loads.

The mezzanine floor can be extended with a staircase, a lift, railings or a pallet storage layout space etc.

We, the team of etloN, are specialists in designing, engineering, producing and delivering mezzanine floors.

A mezzanine floor, also known as an intermediate floor or a half-space landing, is the easiest and most flexible method to create internally additional space. It helps you making the most efficient use of your building.

Within a period of 4 to 6 weeks after the agreement is signed, you will have additional square meters at your disposal without having to undergo extensive refurbishments or without having to relocate. And if you were to decide to relocate sometime in the future, then you can re-use the etloN mezzanine floor at that new location. To invest in an etloN mezzanine floor is to invest for the long-term.

You may need an environmental and planning permit from the municipality in which your building is located. We offer our assistance and expertise with this permit application process.

For any additional information, advice or an offer without any obligation, you may contact us by phone: +31 (0) 226 745100 or by email: or complete this form.


Etlon uw specialist in entresolvloeren en selfstorage
A solid mezzanine floor completes our new business premises. Expert workmanship.

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etloN bv designs, engineers and assembles mezzanine floors for customers across Europe. etloN bv also specialises in providing Self-Storage solutions. Our products are produced according to your wishes and carry CE marking.


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